SWAGCYCLE Pro Pedal-Free Electric Bike

Swagcycle Pro is the ultimate ride. Featuring a strong, foldable frame that supports up to 264 pounds and 12-inch front and 10-inch rear air-filled tires, this cycle provides a smooth ride to every rider. Not only is the Pro zero emissions, it’s also pedal-free. Sit back and get ready for miles of smiles.


Races to work. Catching the early train. Exploring new cities. The Swagcycle Pro motorized bike packs enough power to get you there. Just place your feet on the built-in foot pegs and let the cycle do the work. While you ride, the indicator on the handlebars makes keeping an eye on battery life easy.


For the full array of features, download the app and get connected to your Swagcycle. The app lets you track speed, record travel time, and more. And if you’re phone’s low on power, the Swagcycle Pro includes a USB port so you can charge while you adventure. Additionally, the Pro’s battery features a hidden compartment for cable management.


Ride like a pro and explore your city all over again with the Swagcycle Pro.

Cruise anywhere guilt and pedal free. Swagcycle Pro uses all-electric, zero emissions power. ALL-ELECTRIC POWER Cruise anywhere guilt and pedal free. Swagcycle Pro uses all-electric, zero emissions power. KICK IT INTO HIGH GEAR With optimization from the app, Pro’s high-torque 350W motor gets a boost to reach speeds up to 18 mph. COMPACT FOLDING DESIGN Fold Pro’s handlebars and stem for easy storage in trunks, small closets and other tight spaces.

Electric Skateboards

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What's in the Box:

1 x T Wrench

1 x Bag of Hub Motor Screws

1 x L Wrench

1 x Ready-to-Skate Verreal V1S Skateboard

1 x Adapter and Charger

1 x Wireless Remote & USB Cable


• Regenerative Braking: The Battery Gets Recharged When You Brake The Board, which saves up more energy for a longer ride.


• Smart Turn-On: Verreal Electric Skateboard Turns Itself On When Pushed Forward. Goodbye to Traditional Way of Bend-Over-To-Turn-On.


• Swappable Battery: You Can Use a Screw Driver to Unscrew The Battery Case and Swap The Battery Pack in Less Than Five Minutes. So Make Sure to Purchase Another Battery Pack for A Longer Ride.


• Replaceable Urethanes: Unlike Other Brands' Electric Skateboards, Verreal Electric Skateboards Are Able To Remove And Replace Its Urethanes Instead Of Buying Two Hub Motors. With Verreal, No More Hefty Hub Motor bills.


ATM 50A1

Engine Size: 50cc 4-stroke

Start Type: Electric with keys/kick back up

Transmission: Fully Automatic

Drive: CVT

HP: 3.5

Cooling: Air Cooled

Ignition: CDI

Top Speed: 40 MPH

Cruise Speed: 35 MPH

Miles per Gallon: 100+

Front Brakes: Disc

Rear Brakes: Drum

Front Tires: 100/60 - 10 inches Steel Rim

Rear Tires: 100/60 - 10 inches Steel Rim

Front Suspension: Hydraulic

Rear Suspension: Hydraulic Spring

Controls: Twist Throttle, Fully Automatic

Lighting: Headlights, Brake, Blinkers,

G. W.: 220 lbs

Length: 67.32

Width: 30.7

Height: 51.57

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

100 MPG!

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